Bringing non-typical proteins to life

Many have ideas, few can scale them up.
Execution is key.
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The Opportunity

We are offering 6 months scale-up challenges to launch innovative food products containing non-typical protein sources. By connecting our existing hubs to specific cities around the world we can insure readiness for product launch at industrial scale by the end of the challenge

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Some candidates for 2024 challenges

Los Angeles
Mexico DC

WHY are we doing this?

People and the planet need new sources of proteins:

consumption per capita has been increasing globally since 1960, and consumers' protein interest rises every year, linked to health and fitness trends

Blendhub we know that...

Plant-based ingredients and food processing by-products are good candidates for innovative sources of proteins so we have already started to work on interesting and innovative food solutions

Chlorella based food supplement
Proteins and vitamins
Finger millet nutritional meal
Proteins, fiber and calcium
Bagasse pizza dough
Proteins and fiber

Problems we face

… introduction of new ingredients faces
challenges at Go-to-Market and Scalability

“I finally launch the product,
but the trend already passed”

Identifying opportunities in
time in an everchanging
and over-segmented market

“We’re focused on core business,
cannot afford to be distracted”

High cost and time-consuming
industrial tests, committing
teams and facilities

“Consumers will not understand the product”

Huge marketing investment to educate consumers in new ingredients

OUR HUB, the solution made reality

Food-as-a-service, the solution made reality

We take care of the back-stage to let entrepreneurs focus on branding, sales and communication, reducing the Idea-to-Market journey down to 6 months

Our hubs are much more than factories, they are our local “sensors” providing first-hand local information on market needs, quality demands, and supply chain opportunities

Taste IMPACT with our Mexico City success case

We have crafted a complete meal for you—47 grams that can truly make an impact.

The content of this package can be transformed into a nutritional beverage, containing essential proteins, minerals, and a vitamin complex meticulously formulated to support children's cognitive development. This product is sustainably produced, utilizing locally sourced ingredients from food producers in the United States and Mexico.

Our innovative approach leverages Blendhub's global network of production hubs to ensure accessibility and freshness.

From the Portable Powder Blending unit to the cloud-connected factories, our commitment is to provide comprehensive and customizable food solutions. By incorporating locally sourced ingredients, we not only enhance the nutritional profile but also support local economies.

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